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Natural Stone

Here at Troy’s we stock a huge variety of natural stone products for all your landscaping needs – natural wallstone, cut and irregular flagstone for patios and walkways, natural steps, granite cobbles, and accent boulders, all in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors!

Price Lists

Granite Cobbles
Granite CobblesPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Black Mini Cubex--2.75
Black Regularx--6
Black Jumbox--7.95
Buff Jumbox--8.95
Grey Mini Cubex--2.5
Grey Regular Small (Cube)x--4.95
Grey Regularx--5.5
Grey Jumbox--6.75
Grey Landscape Paverx--6.95
Pink Mini Cubex--2.5
Pink Regularx--5.5
Pink Jumbox--6.75
Tumbled Bluestonex--6.75
WallstonePieceCubeSizePrice Per
Appalachian Mountaintop Blend-x-495
Blue River Ledge-x-695
Blue River Limeston Tumbled-x-1150
Blue River Limestone-x-995
Castlewood Ledge-x6" or 13 - 15"775
Colonial Ashlar-x4-8d,6-36l,4-6t1150
Colonial Blue -xThin 1 - 3"295
Colonial Blue -xReg 3 - 6"295
Colonial Blue -xHeavy 6 - 12"295
Colonial Blue Half Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"185
Colonial Blue Half Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"185
Colonial Blue Half Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"185
Colonial Blue Quarter Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"95
Colonial Blue Quarter Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"95
Colonial Blue Quarter Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"95
Colonial Grey-xThin 1 - 3"295
Colonial Grey-xReg 3 - 6"295
Colonial Grey-xHeavy 6 - 12"295
Colonial Grey Half Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"175
Colonial Grey Half Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"175
Colonial Grey Half Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"175
Colonial Grey Quarter Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"85
Colonial Grey Quarter Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"85
Colonial Grey Quarter Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"85
Colonial Lilac-xThin 1 - 3"295
Colonial Lilac-xReg 3 - 6"295
Colonial Lilac-xHeavy 6 - 12"295
Colonial Lilac Half Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"185
Colonial Lilac Half Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"185
Colonial Lilac Half Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"185
Colonial Lilac Quarter Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"95
Colonial Lilac Quarter Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"95
Colonial Lilac Quarter Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"95
Colonial Snapped (Drywall)-x1.5 - 2" Thick295
Creekstone-River Flats-Maple Creek-x1 - 3"395
Creekstone-River Flats-Maple Creek 1/2-x-195
Delaware Valley Blend-x1 - 4"495
Fieldstone-xThin 1 - 3"295
Fieldstone-xReg 3 - 6"295
Fieldstone-xHeavy 6 - 12"320
Fieldstone Half Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"185
Fieldstone Half Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"185
Fieldstone Half Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"185
Fieldstone Quarter Pallet-xThin 1 - 3"95
Fieldstone Quarter Pallet-xReg 3 - 6"95
Fieldstone Quarter Pallet-xHeavy 6 - 12"95
Fieldstone Red-xThin 1 - 3"295
Fieldstone Red-xReg 2 - 4"295
Fieldstone Red-xHeavy 4 - 6"295
Fieldstone Red Half-xThin 1 - 3"195
Goshen Wallstone-x1 - 3"625
Hand Split Ganite Cobbles-x-475
Indiana Tumbled Limestone-x-595
Mt Laurel -Laurel Mt-West Mt 1/4-x2 - 4"125
Mt Laurel -Laurel Mt-West Mt Full-x2 - 4"295
Mt Laurel -Laurel Mt-West Mt Full-x4 - 6"365
Mt Laurel -Laurel Mt-West Mt Half-x2 - 4"225
New York Field Stone-x4 - 16"325
Ohio Chunks-x12 - 13"750
PA Fieldstone Steppers-x2 - 4"325
Pocono Blend - Mt Colonial 1/2-x-225
Pocono Blend - Mt Colonial 1/4-x-125
Pocono Blend - Mt Colonial Full-x-365
Saratoga Granite Cottage Wall-x-525
Saratoga Granite Thin Wall-x-525
Saratoga Granite Wall Stone-x-495
Seneca-x2 - 4"395
South Bay Quartz Cottage Wall-x-475
South Bay Quartz Thin Wall-x-450
South Bay Quartz Wall Stone-x-450
Ticonderoga Cottage Wall-x-550
Ticonderoga Thin Wall-x-550
Ticonderoga Wall Stone-x-495
Timber Creek Wallstone-x-795
Tumbled Black Hills Rustic-x2 - 3"995
Tumbled Blue Full Pallet-x2"395
Tumbled Blue Half Pallet-x2"195
Tumbled Buckskin-x3"795
Weathered Edge Fieldstone-x2 - 6"795
Garden Path
Garden PathPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Colonial Garden Path-x-325
Fieldstone Natural Heavy-x-295
Fieldstone Natural Large-x-295
Fieldstone Natural Regular-x-295
PA Fieldstone-x-295
Rustic Tumbled Garden Path-x-495
Saratoga Granite Garden Steppers-x-895
South Bay Quartz Garden Steppers-x-795
Ticonderoga Granite Garden Steppers-x-795
Tumbled Irregular Paving Ex Smalll Blue-x-550
Tumbled Irregular Paving Ex Smalll Full Range-x-550
Tumbled Irregular Paving Ex Smalll Lilac-x-595
Tumbled Irregular Paving Large Blue-x-795
Tumbled Irregular Paving Large Full Range-x-750
Tumbled Irregular Paving Large Lilac-x-795
Tumbled Irregular Paving Small Blue-x-795
Tumbled Irregular Paving Small Full Range-x-595
Tumbled Irregular Paving Small Lilac-x-795
Garden Rounds
Garden RoundsPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Canadian River Rounds -x5 - 12"495
Delaware Blend-x1.5-3"3-5"5-8"265
Filedstone Extra Small-x-365
Hudson Valley-x3 8"265
Kewanee Skippers-x2-3" or 4-7"1250
Mexican Beach Pebbles Black-x-1095
New York Skippers-x2-4" 4-8" 8-12"395
NY Cobbles-x2-4"4-8"8-14"295
PA River Rounds Large-x-365
PA River Rounds Medium-x-365
PA River Rounds Small-x-365
Pearl Pebbles-x.75 - 1.5"365
Pearl Pebbles-x2 - 4"265
Pocono Rounds-x6 - 12"295
Pocono Split Rounds-x-395
Rio Grande River Flats-x4 - 12"650
Rio Grande River Skippers-x4 - 7"695
StepsPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Black Granite Steps 4'-x6"395
Black Granite Steps 6'-x6"550
Blue River Ledge-x6"595
Blue River Steps 3'-x5 - 8"165
Blue River Steps 4'-x5 - 8"195
Brownstone Steps 4'-x6"265
Brownstone Steps 6'-x6"365
Chateau Limestone Steps 4'-x6"265
Chateau Limestone Steps 6'-x6"365
Elite Blue Granite-x6"995
Grey Granite Steps 4'-x6"250
Grey Granite Steps 6'-x6"350
Indiana Limestone Step 3'-x6"165
Indiana Limestone Step 4'-x6"195
Indiana Limestone Step 5'-x6"250
Indiana Limestone Step 6'-x6"395
Mountain Weatherface Slab-x-465
Northern Blue 4'-x-265
Norhtern Blue 6'-x-365
Ohio Grey Steps 3'-x5 - 8"165
Ohio Grey Steps 4'-x5 - 8"195
Ohio Ledge Steps-x6 - 7"1195
Omega Step 3'-x6"250
Omega Step 4'-x6"265
PA Colonial Steps-x4 - 9"295
PA Fieldstone Steps-x4 - 9"295
PA Mountain Ledge-x5 - 10"595
River Flat Steps-x-395
Saratoga Granite Step Slabs-x-750
Silver Valley Limestone Step 4'-x6"295
Silver Valley Limestone Step 6'-x6"395
South Bay Quartz Step Slabs-x-695
Tennesee Grey Steps 3'-x5 - 9"165
Tennesee Grey Steps 4'-x5 - 9"195
Thermaled Bluestone Step 10'-x6"495
Thermaled Bluestone Step 3'-x6"195
Thermaled Bluestone Step 4'-x6"265
Thermaled Bluestone Step 5'-x6"295
Thermaled Bluestone Step 6'-x6"325
Thermaled Bluestone Step 7'-x6"350
Thermaled Bluestone Step 8'-x6"395
Thermaled Bluestone Step 9'-x6"465
Ticonderoga Granite Step Slabs-x-750
West Mountain-x4 - 9"295
BouldersPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Canadian River Boulders-x-525
Carnation Pink Boulder-x-750
Feather Rock Boulders-x-995
Fieldstone Boulders Extra Lg and Jumbo-x-450
Fieldstone Boulders Extra Medium-x-495
Fieldstone Boulders Extra Small and Small-x-395
Green Marble Boulders-x-1195
Holey Boulders-x-795
Lava Boulders-x-895
Moss Rock Boulders-x-495
Mount Laurel-x-725
Mountain Weatherface Boulders-x-475
Ontario Boulders-x-350
PA Lilac Boulders-x-295
PA Mountain Boulders-x-595
Saratoga Granite Boulders-x-395
Seneca Boulders-x-595
South Bay Quartz Boulders-x-395
Sponge Boulders-x-495
Ticonderoga Granite Boulders-x-395
Trap Boulders-x-595
Weathered Ledge Limestone Boulders-x-795
Weathered Limeston Boulders-x-795
Yukon Gold Boulders-x-975
Flagstone Irregular
Flagstone IrregularPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Black Hills Rustic 1.5 - 2"-x-895
Flagstone Irr Blue 1"-x-595
Flagstone Irr Blue 1.5"-x-595
Flagstone Irr Full Range 1"-x-495
Flagstone Irr Full Range 1.5"-x-495
Golden Quartz-x-1395
Grand Canyon 1.5 - 2"-x-1495
Hickory Grey-x-975
Lilac Irr 1"-x-495
Lilac Irr 1.5"-x-495
Plumwood Irr2.5"-x-1495
Rocky Mountain Rose-x-1225
Rustic Tumbled Blue-x-895
Saratoga Granite Flagging-x-795
South Bay Quartz Flagging-x-825
Ticonderoga Flagging-x-825
Vermont Slate-x-550
Dimensional Flagstone
Dimensional Flagstone  PieceCubeSizePrice Per
Blue Dimensional Natural 1"x--6.95
Blue Dimensional Natural 1.5"x--7.95
Blue Dimensional Thermal 1"x--7.95
Blue Dimensional Thermal 1.5"x--8.95
Brownstone Dimensional Thermal 1.25"x--7.95
Full Range Dimensional Natural 1"x--5.95
Full Range Dimensional Natural 1.5"x--5.95
Full Range Dimensional Thermal 1"x--6.95
Full Range Dimensional Thermal 1.5"x--7.95
Lilac Dimensional 1"x--6.95
Lilac Dimensional 1.5"x--6.95
Vermont Cobble Edge Slate 1"x--6.95
Vermont Cobble Edge Slate 1.5"x--6.95
Tumbled Pavers
Tumbled PaversPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Brownstone Tumbled Paversx--1.75
Tumbled Bluestone Paversx--7.95
Pillar Caps
Blue River Pillar Cap 24"x--225
Blue River Pillar Cap 28"x--295
Blue River Pillar Cap 32"x--365
Bluestone Pillar Cap 24"x--95
Bluestone Pillar Cap 28"x--195
Bluestone Pillar Cap 32"x--250
Brownstone Pillar Cap 24"x--150
Brownstone Pillar Cap 28"x--195
Brownstone Pillar Cap 32"x--250
Limestone Pillar Cap 24"x--125
Limestone Pillar Cap 28"x--150
Limestone Pillar Cap 32"x--295
Pillar Caps
Pillar CapsPieceCubeSizePrice Per
Blue River Pillar Cap 24"x--225
Blue River Pillar Cap 28"x--295
Blue River Pillar Cap 32"x--365
Bluestone Pillar Cap 24"x--95
Bluestone Pillar Cap 28"x--195
Bluestone Pillar Cap 32"x--250
Brownstone Pillar Cap 24"x--150
Brownstone Pillar Cap 28"x--195
Brownstone Pillar Cap 32"x--250
Limestone Pillar Cap 24"x--125
Limestone Pillar Cap 28"x--150
Limestone Pillar Cap 32"x--295
Other Natural Stone
Bluestone Bullnose3'4'5'6'7'8'
Bluestone Rocked3'4'5'6'7'8'
Bluestone Thermal3'4'5'6'7'8'
Chateau Limestone3'4'5'6'7'8'
Indiana Limestone3'4'5'6'7'8'
12" 150