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Manufactured Stone
Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone

Troy’s carries an extensive selection of concrete pavers and wall block, and we can help you find the perfect option for any landscape project.

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Techo-Bloc Price Lists

Pavers, Edgers, Steps
Pavers, Edgers, StepsPieceLayerCubeUnits/CubePurchase
 Price Per
Aberdeen 20" x 10" - 20" x 20"--x17pcs/17pcs70.83SF8.75/SF619.76/Cube
Aberdeen 30" x 10"--x17pcs35.42SF9.25/SF327.64/Cube
Aberdeen 30" x 20"--x17pcs70.83SF8.75/SF619.76/Cube
Aberdeen 30" x 30"--x17pcs106.25SF8.75/SF929.69/Cube
Blu 45mm--x-127.44SF5.25/SF669.06/Cube
Blu 45mm Smooth--x-127.44SF5.25/SF669.06/Cube
Blu 60mm Aged--x-116.82SF5.25/SF613.31/Cube
Blu 60mm Grande Slate--x22pcs96.71SF5.25/SF507.73/Cube
Blu 60mm Grande Smooth--x22pcs96.71SF5.25/SF507.73/Cube
Blu 60mm Slate--x-116.82SF4.55/SF531.53/Cube
Blu 60mm Slate 6x13--x198pcs116.05SF4.65/SF539.63/Cube
Blu 60mm Slate 6x13 1/2 Pallet--x-63.3SF4.95/SF313.34/Cube
Blu 60mm Smooth 6x13--x-116.05SF4.65/SF539.63/Cube
Blu 60mm Smooth 6x13 1/2 Pallet--x-63.03SF4.95/SF312/Cube
Blu 60mm Smooth--x-116.82SF4.6/SF537.37/Cube
Blu 80mm Slate--x-84.96SF6.65/SF564.98/Cube
Blu 80mm Smooth--x-84.96SF6.65/SF564.98/Cube
Borealis Slab 5 x 30--x-75SF9.95/SF746.25/Cube
Borealis Slab 30 x 10--x-70.83SF9.95/SF704.76/Cube
Borealis Step--x-1Pc115/pc115/Cube
Hera Rectangle--x330pcs134.2SF4.8/SF644.16/Cube
Hera Rectangle 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x150pcs61SF5.65/SF344.65/Cube
Hera Square--x462pcs124.2SF4.8/SF596.16/Cube
Hera Square 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x210pcs56.45SF5.65/SF318.94/Cube
Linea Large Rectangle--x-121.22SF6.95/SF842.48/Cube
Linea Large Rectangle 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x-66.12SF7.75/SF512.43/Cube
Linea Small Rectangle--x-80.81SF6.95/SF561.63/Cube
Linea Small Rectangle 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x-48.16SF7.75/SF373.24/Cube
Maya Slab Per Pallet--x17pcs/84.15SF17Pc32.95/Pc560.15/Cube
Maya Slab Per Piecex--17pcs/84.15SF1Pc36.99/Pc36.99/Piece
Maya Stepx--1pc1Pc260/Pc260/Piece
Mezzo Slab Per Pallet--x32pcs/78.22SF32Pcs27.99/Pc895.68/Cube
Mezzo Slab Per Piecex--32pcs/78.22SF1Pc31.99/Pc31.99/Piece
Mista Grande--x-93.04SF5.75/SF534.98/Cube
Mista Random--x-116.2SF5.5/SF639.1/Cube
Mista Square--x120pcs116.2SF5.5/SF639.1/Cube
Monticello 20x10 - 20x20--x17pcs/17pcs70.83SF8.75/SF619.76/Cube
Monticello 20x30--x17pcs70.83SF8.75/SF619.76/Cube
Parisien Circle--x-50.7SF5.95/SF301.67/Cube
Parisien Rectangle--x330pcs134.2SF3.75/SF503.25/Cube
Parisien Square--x462pcs124.2SF3.75/SF465.75/Cube
Rocka 48"x--8pcs1Pc110/Pc110/Piece
Rocka 60"x--4pcs1Pc145/Pc145/Piece
Royale 12x12 Square--x-132SF3.95/SF521.4/Cube
Royale 12x24 Rectangle--x-120SF4.15/SF498/Cube
San Marino Large--x-121.22SF6.75/SF818.24/Cube
San Marino Large 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x-66.12SF7.5/SF495.9/Cube
San Marino Small--x-80.18SF7.05/SF565.27/Cube
San Marino Small 1/2 pal Choc & Blk--x-46.18SF7.75/SF357.9/Cube
Travertina 20" x 10" - 20" x 20"--x17pcs/17pcs70.89SF8.95/SF634.47/Cube
Travertina 20" x 30"--x17pcs70.89SF8.95/SF634.47/Cube
Travertina 30" x 30"--x17pcs106.25SF9.25/SF982.81/Cube
Tux 12 x 12--x-127.88SF6.5/SF831.22/Cube
Tux 12 x 24--x-116.25SF6.5/SF755.63/Cube
Venetian Riser Slate--x48pcs48Pc8.95/Pc429.6/Cube
Venetian Riser Smoothx--48pcs48Pc8.95/Pc429.6/Cube
Victorien 60mm--x495pcs123.7SF3.7/SF457.69/Cube
Victorien 60mm Permeable--x440pcs110.22SF4.1/SF451.9/Cube
Victorien 80mm--x360pcs90SF4.55/SF409.5/Cube
Villagio Half Pallet Chocolate/Black--x-53.18SF6.75/SF358.97/Cube
York Step 60"x--4pcs1Pc155/Pc155/Piece
Walls, Caps
Walls, CapsPieceLayerCubeUnits/CubePurchase
 Price Per
Aged Cap-x-8.25LF/Layer1Layer73.83/Layer73.83/Layer
Aged Cap Half Pallet-x--1LF82.09/LF82.09/Cube
Bali Travertina --x37.34LF28Pcs15.75/Pc441/Cube
Baltimore 90mm--x-21.04SF23.25/SF489.18/Cube
Baltimore 180mm--x-21.04SF23.25/SF489.18/Cube
Borealis Wall/Edge--x16 Pcs16Pc64/Pc1024/Cube
Bull Nose Regular--x180pcs180LF4.2/Pc756/Cube
Bull Nose Regular Half Pallet--x90pcs90LF4.75/Pc427.5/Cube
Graphix Wall--x-26.25SF26.99/SF708.49/Cube
Manchester 1/2 pal Choc/Blk--x45pcs45SF6.25/pc281.25/Cube
Mini Creta 3"--x-24SF19.95/SF478.8/Cube
Mini Creta 3" Half Chocolate/Black--x-12SF21.95/SF263.4/Cube
Mini Creta 6"--x-30SF19.5/SF585/Cube
Mini Creta Architectural 3"--x-24SF18.25/SF438/Cube
Mini Creta Architectural 3" 1/2 pal Choc/Blk--x-12SF20.65/SF247.8/Cube
Mini Creta Architectural 6"--x-30SF18.25/SF547.5/Cube
Mini Creta Pillar 3" 24--x-48Pcs10.5/Pc504/Cube
Mini Creta Pillar 6" 24--x-24Pcs20.5/Pc492/Cube
Mini Creta Pillar 6" Architectural 24--x-24SF17.95/Pc430.8/Cube
Monumental Base--x-6.9SF42.95/SF296.36/Cube
Monumental Cap--x-29.82LF14.95/LF445.81/Cube
Monumental Half--x-13.8SF24.95/SF344.31/Cube
Monumental Left Corner--x-20.67SF27.5/SF568.43/Cube
Monumental Regular--x-13.8SF24.95/SF344.31/Cube
Monumental Right Corner--x-20.67SF27.5/SF568.43/Cube
Muro Naturale Cap-x-7.29LF/Layer1LF104.95/Layer104.95/Layer
Piedimonte Pillar Cap 28 x 28"x--6 pc1Pc170/Pc170/Piece
Piedimonte Wall and Step Cap 14" X 30"x---1Pc45/Pc45/Piece
Piedimonte Wall Cap 12" X 30"x---1Pc42/Pc42/Piece
Portofino Cap-x-7.17LF1Layer92.95Layer92.95/Layer
Prescott 2.25"--x-27SF29.95/SF808.65/Cube
Prescott 2.25" Cornerx---72SF14/SF1008/cube
Prescott 4.5"--x-27SF29.95/SF808.65/Cube
Prescott 4.5" Cornerx---36SF17.5/SF630/Cube
Prima 14"x--64LF1Pc17.5/Pc17.5/Piece
Quarry Stone Wall 100mm 4"--x-23.25SF19.95/SF463.84/Cube
Quarry Stone Wall 200mm 8"--x-23.25SF19.95/SF463.84/Cube
Raffinato 90 Smooth--x64 Pcs64Pcs9.99/Pc639.36/Cube
Raffinato 90 Pilr,crnr,edge--x48Pcs48Pcs10.75/Pc516/Cube
Raffinato 180 Smooth--x32 Pcs32Pcs19.95/Pc638.4/Cube
Raffinato 180 Pilr,Crnr,Edge--x24 Pcs24Pcs21.5/Pc516/Cube
Raffinato Cap 14 x 28x--24 Pcs1Pcs35.95/Pc35.95/Piece
Raffinato Stepx00-1Pcs90/Pc90/Piece
Rocka Wall / Edge--x-19.88SF29.95/SF595.41/Cube
Semma Corner and Pillar Kit--x-24Pcs13.95/Pc334.8/Cube
Stonedge Cap 28" X 28"x--6 pc1Pc170/Pc170/Piece
Suprema Sculpted--x-24SF21.95/SF526.8/Cube
Suprema Split Face--x-24SF13.5/SF324/Cube
Venetian Cap Slatex--48Pcs1Pc15.5/Pc15.5/Piece
Venetian Cap Smoothx--48Pcs48Pc15.5/Pc744/Piece
York Counter Cap 24" x 36"x---1Pc160/Pc160/Piece
York Pillar Cap 28x28x--6 pc1Pc185/Pc185/Piece
York Pillar Cap 32x32x--6 pc1Pc195/Pc195/Piece
York Wall Cap 14" x 48"x---1Pc62.95/Pc62.95/Piece
York Wall Cap 14"x 16", 32", 48"--x-48LF14.95/LF717.6/Cube
Outdoor Living
Outdoor LivingUnits/CubePrice 
Valencia80 Pcs325/Cube
Valencia Accessories Kit81 Pcs550/Cube
Prescott Fire Pit82 Pcs1150/Cube
Raffinato Fire Pit83 Pcs1175/Cube
Valencia Spark Screen84 Pcs285/Cube
Valencia Fire Bowl85 Pcs195/Cube
Valencia Log Support Grill86 Pcs165/Cube
Valencia Poker Stick87 Pcs60/Cube
Foyer Base88 Pcs4495/Cube
Foyer Head89 Pcs2995/Cube
Foyer Left Box90 Pcs1395/Cube
Foyer Right Box91 Pcs1395/Cube
Forno92 Pcs4395/Cube
Man Rustic PO Base93 Pcs1295/Cube
Man Rustic PO Counter94 Pcs1195/Cube
Manchester PO Elite Top95 Pcs5995/Cube
Manchester PO Elite Base96 Pcs4895/Cube
Raffinato PO Base97 Pcs1295/Cube
Raffinato PO Counter98 Pcs1195/Cube

Belgard Price Lists

Pavers, Edgers, Steps
Pavers, Edgers, StepsPieceCubeUnits/CubePurchase
 Price Per
Anglia Edger Antique-x-69.75LF7.99 /LF 557.3/Cube
Aqua Roc-x-90SF4.99 /SF 449.1/Cube
Aquastyl-x60 LF135Pcs7.5 /Pc 1012.5/Cube
Bergerac 4 Piece-x-137SF4.35 /SF 595.95/Cube
Bergerac Circle-x-59.6SF6.5 /SF 387.4/Cube
Cape Cobble 6x6-x-120SF4.75 /SF 570/Cube
Cape Cobble 6x9-x-112.5SF4.75 /SF 534.38/Cube
Dublin 3 Piece-x-127.9SF4.99 /SF 638.22/Cube
Dublin 4 Piece-x-130SF4.99 /SF 648.7/Cube
Dublin Circle-x-72.8SF6.5 /SF 473.2/Cube
Dublin Domino-x-120SF3.95 /SF 474/Cube
Dublin Large Square-x-119.9SF4.99 /SF 598.3/Cube
Eco Dublin-x-91.6SF5.75 /SF 526.7/Cube
Holland 60mm-x-120SF3.5 /SF 420/Cube
Lafitt Grana 60 MM-x-116.57SF4.35 /SF 507.08/Cube
Lafitt Rustic Slab 60 MM-x-116.57SF4.5 /SF 524.57/Cube
Lafitt Paver 60 MM-x-124.68SF4.5 /SF 561.06/Cube
London Cobble 6 x 6-x-120SF3.75 /SF 450/Cube
London Cobble 6 x 9-x-112.5SF3.75 /SF 421.88/Cube
Bullnose 6"-x72 LF168Pcs2.75 /Pc 462/Cube
Mega Arbel 80mm-x-78.26SF6.75 /SF 528.26/Cube
Mega Arbel Patio Slab 60 MM-x-104.4SF5.25 /SF 548.1/Cube
Mega Bergerac 3PC-x-97.6SF5.25 /SF 512.4/Cube
Mega Bergerac Large Square-x-75.3SF6.25 /SF 470.63/Cube
Mega Lafitt 80 MM-x-92.66SF5.99 /SF 555.03/Cube
Mega Lafitt Large Square 80 MM-x-92.29SF5.99 /SF 552.82/Cube
Mega Urbana 3pc 60MM-x-113.63SF4.75 /SF 539.74/Cube
Mega Old World-x-76.94SF6.5 /SF 500.11/Cube
Old Colonial Cobble-x-124.74SF3.75 /SF 467.78/Cube
Old World Paver-x-101.5SF5.99 /SF 607.99/Cube
Portage Stonex-121.5SF/90Pcs1Pc7.5 /Pc 7.5/Piece
Subterra-x-106.2SF5.99 /SF 636.14/Cube
Turfstone-x-106.8SF3.99 /SF 426.13/Cube
Urbana-x-113.63SF4.99 /SF 567.01/Cube
Urbana Large Square-x-116.4SF4.99 /SF 580.84/Cube
Walls, Caps
Walls, CapsPieceCubeUnits/CubePurchase
 Price Per
BelAir Retaining 3"-x-30SF18.5 /SF 555/Cube
BelAir and Quarry Wall Retaining 6"-x-30SF18.5 /SF 555/Cube
BelAir Free Standing 3"-x-18SF27.99 /SF 503.82/Cube
BelAir and Quarry Wall Free Standing 6"-x-18SF23.99 /SF 431.82/Cube
BelAir and Quarry wall Cornerx-20 Pcs1Pc23.99 /Pc 23.99/Piece
BelAir and Quarry Capx-90LF/144Pcs1Pc6.99 /Pc 6.99/Piece
BelAir and Quarry Wall End Caps 3"x--1Pc14.99 /Pc 14.99/Piece
BelAir and Quarry Wall Free Standing Wall Endx--1Pc27.99 /Pc 27.99/Piece
Celtik Pier Kit-x-1Kit495 /Kit 495/Cube
Celtik Wall Single Sided 90 mm-x-32.48SF17.99 /SF 584.32/Cube
Celtik Wall Single Sided 135 mm-x-34.8SF17.99 /SF 626.05/Cube
Celtik Wall Double Sided 90 mm-x-34.32SF17.99 /SF 617.42/Cube
Celtik Wall Double Sided 135 mm-x-38.52SF17.99 /SF 692.97/Cube
Celtik Cap Single Sidedx-95.76LF/72Pcs1Pc9.75 /Pc 9.75/Piece
Celtik Cap FSW Layerx-01L94.95 /L 94.95/Layer
Countryside Fire Pit Kit-x-1Kit575 /Kit 575/Cube
Countryside Wallx-42SF/168Pcs1Pc3.85 /Pc 3.85/Piece
Diamond Pro-x-48SF9.75 /SF 468/Cube
Diamond 9D-x-44.4SF9.95 /SF 441.78/Cube
Diamond 9D Cap 3"x--1Pc6.5 /Pc 6.5/Cube
Diamond Pro Cornersx-40Pcs1Pc14.99 /Pc 14.99/Piece
Diamond Pro Capx-72Pcs1Pc9 /Pc 9/Piece
Europa Bordeaux Reg Split-x-40SF14.99 /SF 599.6/Cube
Europa Barcelona Reg Split-x-28SF14.99 /SF 419.72/Cube
Europa Cap Reg Splitx-82 LF1Pc12.25 /Pc 12.25/Piece
Europa Corner Reg Splitx--1Pc15.99 /Pc 15.99/Piece
Europa Dover Reg Split-x-40SF12.99 /SF 519.6/Cube
Europa Palermo Reg Split-x-40SF15.25 /SF 610/Cube
Europa Bordeaux Tum-x-40SF15.99 /SF 639.6/Cube
Europa Barcelona Tum-x-28SF19.99 /SF 559.72/Cube
Europa Cap Tumx-82 LF1Pc10.99 /Pc 10.99/Piece
Europa Corner Tumx--1Pc16.99 /Pc 16.99/Piece
Europa Dover Tum-x-40SF15.5 /SF 620/Cube
Europa Palermo Tum-x-40SF15.5 /SF 620/Cube
Weston Wallx-40SF/120Pcs1Pc4.75 /Pc 4.75/Piece
Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit-x-1Kit595 /Kit 595/Cube
Chicago Brick Oven
Bordeaux - Wood Fireplace4999
Bordeaux - Gas Fireplace5699
CBO 500 Bundle2999
CBO 750 Bundle3699
CBO 500 Dome1599
CBO 750 Dome2299

Versa-Lok Price Lists

Weathered Walls, Caps Edgers
WeatheredPieceCubeUnits/CubePiecesPrice Per
Standard 6x16x12-x26.674011.99/SF319.77/Cube
Combo 6x6/6x10x12-x29.338811.99/SF351.67/Cube
Corner/Halves 6x8x12x--805.25/PC420/Cube
Mini 4x16x12-x22.225012.99/SF288.64/Cube
Mini 4x6x12 4x10x12-x29.3311012.99/SF381/Cube
Mini Corner/Halves 4x8x12x--803.88/PC310.4/Cube
Caps "A" Outsidex-60 Lf487.98/PC383.04/Cube
Caps "B" Insidex-58.33 Lf507.98/PC399/Cube
Caps "C" Straightx-106.67 Lf807.98/PC638.4/Cube
Dbl Split Cap 13.5"x-106.67 Lf7216.98/PC1222.56/Cube
Dbl Split Cap 10"x-106.67 Lf808.98/PC718.4/Cube
Pier Cap/ Crn Capx--609.98/PC598.8/Cube
Soldier Accentx--606.83/PC409.8/Cube
Double Split Add-On----1PC
Standard Walls, Caps Edgers
Standard  Units/CubePiecesPrice Per
Standard 6x16x12-x26.67409.75/SF260.03/Cube
Combo 6x6/6x10x12-x29.33889.75/SF285.97/Cube
Corner/Halves 6x8x12x--804.25/PC340/Cube
Mini 4x16x12-x22.22509.99/SF221.98/Cube
Mini 4x6x12 4x10x12-x29.331109.99/SF293.01/Cube
Mini Corner/Halves 4x8x12x--803.26/PC260.8/Cube
Caps "A" Outsidex-60 Lf485.99/PC287.52/Cube
Caps "B" Insidex-58.33 Lf505.99/PC299.5/Cube
Caps "C" Straightx-106.67 Lf805.99/PC479.2/Cube
Dbl Split Cap 13.5"x-106.67 Lf7212.25/PC882/Cube
Dbl Split Cap 10"x-106.67 Lf806.8/PC544/Cube
Pier Cap/ Crn Capx--606.8/PC408/Cube
Soldier Accentx--605.15/PC309/Cube
Stretcher 8x18x12-x40406.5/SF260/Cube
Corner 8x6x12-x-726.5/PC468/Cube
Fire PitSizePrice 
Square Fire Pit W/Grate48 x 48 x 20405/Cube
Round Fire Pit W/Grate48"od x16405/Cube